Ruby 2.0.0 and Shoes Federales (3.2). And Gems

I’m feeling good. I managed to get Shoes gem Setup code working a couple of days ago. It was pretty broken. Now it uses the modern Gem API. Actually, I think that might be the last thing on the list from declaring that Shoes 3.2 is on feature parity with 3.1, 3.0 and less buggy.

It won’t install all the compilers and libraries need to build a gem from source – that would be a magical mystery enhancement. Now days, many gems have precompiled binaries for Windows. (I should test that on Windows).

Of interest to some Linux folk, I have compiled, tested and fixed some things with Shoes so that you can build with and use Ruby 2.0.0 (instead of the new old reliable 1.9.3). That took some serious head scratching because the Shoes built-in manual failed with Ruby 2.0.0. Not anymore. I’m happy to fix that now. One less thing to fix in the 3.3 release. Come to think of it. There might not be any bugs that keep me from releasing 3.2 or an RC1. Other than that testing thing.

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