Shoes Federales 3.2b2 for Linux

I have a newer beta release (b2) of Shoes for Linux. I fixed a few small bugs that you probably wouldn’t notice (ssl stuff). There is one feature improvement. Rubygems within Shoes has been updated to version 2.1.11 (2.2.2 for Linux) and it can compile gems with C extensions if you have gcc and make and friends installed. Fedora 20 has gcc as part of the basic install, Debian and Suse, nope. But, if you do, you can build and install those gems.

You could always do that if you built Shoes from source. It’s not something I expect a lot of Linux people really care about but it didn’t work reliably and damn it, some one wrote that code. So I fixed it.

  1. For 64 bit Linux
  2. For 32 bit Linux
  3. For Raspberry Pi (armhf)

Where is the Windows version of Shoes 3.2.b2? There is one, but it doesn’t download gems at all, much less build C extensions. The downloading in Windows appears to be a Ruby 1.9.3 threading issue. Kind of useless, if you ask me.

What’s next?
I’m sorely tempted to see if Ruby 2.0.0 will fix the Windows issues and it’s not like
Ruby 1.9.3 is all that current, so I have to do that sometime.
I’ve also got a soft spot in my heart and a hole in my head for Binject and packaging but that is a deep deep hole to wade into. Then again, I should use my knowledge of mkmf.rb while it’s still fresh.

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