What’s next for Shoes 3.2b3?

What are my plans for the Beta 3 release of Shoes 3.2?

I’m going to move the baseline Ruby up to Ruby-2.0.0-p451 from 1.9.3. There was a new patch release yesterday (p451) and 1.9.3 is now security fixes only. I modified the windows build hoping that 2.1.0 would fix the threading issues. It didn’t. Bummer for Windows.

The Ruby 2.0 effort is mostly about getting my chroots updated and consistent from a ruby POV. Most of the changes to the Shoes code have been made to accommodate 1.9.3, 2.0, 2.1. It’s just a small matter of getting the five rakefiles sets working on the same path as my intentions. Not as easy as I think – the rakefiles hate me. It seems that Ruby 2.0.0 added a lot of code. The .run files are much larger.

I might get binject working for the Raspberry pi. At the moment, March 1, 2014, it’s fighting back. I think net packaging would be something the pi folk might like, that would
also require some changes to the web infrastructure of Shoes. That might not happen.

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