Some people are stubborn

I know I said I was giving up on Hackintosh in VirtualBox. I did, for a few days. I also don’t like things that don’t work for me when others report success. I also ran across some hints on the internets that involved cross compiling for OSX on Linux and fakeroots and that would be cool if it works (probably not but still?)

I found a 10.9.0 iso that virtualbox will boot from and install and has most of the kext hacks available and so on. It mostly works. It’s cranky at times with mouse tracking and like too much of the mac world, solutions seem to involve mysterious ‘try this’ and boot. We’ll see. I did get a nice 1800×940 window setup for it. That turned out to be the easy part. I’ll see soon if it can survive the update to 10.9.2 using a flaky cable modem. Ah, it did.

The next day, I installed the free Xcode from the App store (I had an old Apple ID that still works). I still need to tune up the machine with MultiBeast. It uses way more cpu than needed and the mouse/cursor action is the visible effect. Then nfs, rvm, homebrew and probably a bunch of other stuff. Just to build Shoes.

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