Too clever for my Shoes

I mean no disrespect for whoever wrote the OSX/homebrew rake file code but it’s one fragile mess – but it looks cool because it uses map and inject and that saved half a dozen lines of code. Shoes code does suffer from over-engineering and coolness de-jure. I’d leave it alone, if it worked.

Introducing a ‘~/.rvm’ RVM installed Ruby breaks the rake. (humor attempt). It’s really about the problem that Ruby-1.9.3/2.0/2.1 inflicted on Shoes that are intended to be copied: –enable-load-relative. On OSX, not only do you have to have that kind of Ruby (I use RVM) you need do a wild dance with otools and install-name-tool and the original rakefile fails to dance when Ruby doesn’t not live where the orignal author that it would. I solved this for Linux. Windows didn’t need solving, which bothers me in a different way.

I can solve it for OSX. It’s just a freaking linking loader problem, with a lot of accumulated cruft and wisdom dating back to PPC/m68K and OSX-10.0 days plus ppc/intel and then i386/x86_64 and now just x86_64. Apple was (is) damn clever about those multiple arch things. With 10.9 and Shoes, I really don’t care about that mulit-arch past – I just need to know what is historical and what is useful now because of that past.

There’s a lot of layers of ‘Oh, Shiney. Is that new? It must be good”. It’s not just Shoes or Ruby. That problem is why you have old people. Smart enough to know shiny from shinola.

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