Ain’t that pretty at all

Apologies to the late great Warren Zevon for the title of this post. I’ve started to ‘refactor‘ the Rakefiles once again for OSX. It’s not pretty. Never was and it may never be pretty. Still, consistency is the Hobgoblin of small minds or so I’m told.

My small mind says (assited by Ruby changes since 1.9.1) that there are two kinds of Shoes3.2 – one you can build and run with whatever you have (Loose Shoes) and a Shoes you can distribute to anyone else (Tight Shoes). You can run build and run Tight Shoes on your platform (just like the original shoes) so tight shoes is what I need to get working for OSX because that’s the Shoes you can upload and expect that it works for the downloaders. Tight.

Shoes3.2 behaves slightly differently for Tight and Loose at startup for gem handling and also for gem installing. It’s not my small mind. It’s the big minds at Ruby HQ. So OSX needs the loose/tight build capabilities. It’s a long slow slog for me. Ain’t that pretty at all.

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