Shoes 3.2b7 OSX – This might work.

I think I’ve produced a reasonable Shoes 3.2 for OSX 10.9 (see the download tab to find shoes-3.2b7-osx10.9.tbz. Download it, double click to decompress and then run the Shoes app from the download folder (double click) or drag it to some other folder (any folder) and double click from there. It may take a few seconds to get to the splash screen open.

Like all Shoes 3.2 versions, there are no built-in gems – no json, no hpricot, no sqlite3 so samples that require those gems will fail. As will samples that use old and dead url’s. The ruby inside is 2.1.1 (verify with samples/simple-info.rb if you like)

You might notice an extra menu item on the splash screen – ‘Maintain Shoes’ Try it. The only two three options that work are ‘Clear image cache’ and ‘Jailbreak Gems’. Don’t clear cache unless you’ve read the code and understand what it will do to existing Red Shoes images caches. ‘Copy samples’ just makes a copy of samples in a new directory so you don’t have to poke around with a commandline to find them. Sadly, the open_save_folder dialog is seriously awful in OSX.

Jailbreak Gems is how you can tell Shoes 3.2 to use existing gem directories on your system. Be aware of versioning problems with binary gems. If your existing nokogiri, hpricot, sqlite3….. was built with Ruby 1.9.3 or 2.0 it will fail because as I mentioned, Shoe 3.2b7 for OSX uses Ruby 2.1. Gem handling is much different in Shoes 3.2 (Shoes.setup might really work, see below)

For OSX to compile a binary gem, you’ll need XCode (a free but large large download if you have a free Apple developer ID). The Ruby included with Shoes 3.2b7 also has the include files so anything compiled by Shoes.setup will use those Shoes included headers and libs, not some other Ruby you might have installed and laying around.

That may sound restrictive and anal compulsive nit picking. If you want to use the ‘serialport’ gem or some other ‘fringe’ binary gem in Shoes 3.2, you can if you follow the rules. No need for special pleading to the Shoes Gods to accomodate your favorite gem when (if) they get around to it. You can handle it yourself in Shoes 3.2. If somebody writes a gem to interface with the Raspberry GPIO pins, you can use it in Shoes 3.2. That liberty comes with some effort on your part to install the development tools and other libs that are needed for building the gem. Jailbreak.

The 3.2b7 downloads for Linux and Windows are also available.

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