Shoes 3.2b8

I’ve uploaded another ‘beta’ with downloads for Linux (64,32,arm), Win 7 (32) and OSX 10.9 (64).

What’s new? Just a few more lines of code in shoes/cobbler.rb and now you can manage Shoes gems from a GUI screen. List, Search, add, delete. No big deal for the commandline afficted who did the jailbreak (see previous posts). That said, I no longer have to apologize (much) for not including Hpricot, json, and sqlite with Shoes 3.2. Install what ever you like (and have the tools to build, if needed).

There’s an odd bug on OSX. After you do an install, you’ll get a second Cobbler window instead returning to the launching screen. And on Linux, after an install, it doesn’t refresh properly. Both of those are oddly similar to a bug running Shoes.setup (samples/simple-rubygems.rb) from the manual. For now, just quit and restart Shoes after a gem install (or you push your luck like I do and keep on going). Not a fatal bug. It’s better to get something useful and working than to wait for perfection.

Speaking of better, the Gem search function is not a wild card. If you want 'sqlite3'
then that’s what you enter. 'sql' won’t list all gems that match. I’d like to fix that but there’s no clue train in Google of people calling the Gem api to do what I’m trying to do.

One last thing. I put up the source tar ball if you don’t want to clone my github fork.

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