Slightly Better Cobbler

The previous post showed how to install gems with Shoes 3.2 with the Shoes script cobbler.rb. It worked but had a flaw that I knew about. Not a bug, a flaw. I re-purposed Shoes/setup.rb to do the install because I’d debugged it once and it was there. It also depended on Shoes url and visit and some wacky code to keep Shoes.setup from being called twice and it was very dependent on being called by a with a slot that had the right number of children of the right type. Most of that ‘dessign’ doesn’t apply Cobbler. I pondered about more games with visit and urls and it grew silly.

So I did the proper thing. I copied and modified the setup code to be part of Cobbler. Instead of a brand new window being spawned, it looks like this:

Shoes.setup still works (if I didn’t break anything) but I no longer care that much. Legacy! It was always a kind of a hack. Yeah, I should make the progress bar move better. I guess. Someday.

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