Getting Close to a 3.2 release

I’ll have a 3.2b9 up in day or two. What’s in it? Cobbler works well. Nothing is perfect but it works well enough on Linux and OSX. Samples/simple-rubygems.rb doesn’t work WHEN run from the manual. It’s OK if you run it from commandline or the ‘Open App’ from the splash screen. It’s a nastly little bug (design flaw) with Shoes.setup. Worse than a hack or bug. A flaw. We don’t need it to work from the Manual. Cobbler is better that encoding that nonsense into a script. So Shoes.setup is deprecated. That means I need to change the manual and note the problem.

There’s some minor OSX build bugs remaining which no one else would find. So, I’m down to fixing the manual. I also need to fix the Wiki to mention Shoes 3.2 and Tobias suggested that 3.2 could be a ‘real’ branch of Shoes and hosted at github. Sounds simple. I’ll bet it isn’t that simple. I might by a real Mac too – the hackintosh VM is still annoying. So there won’t be much new between b9 and release versions. Except for a lot of work on thing you might never see.

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