Shoes 3.2b9 – Beginning a new phase

Shoes 3.2b9 is available for download, for all platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux (X86_64, i686, and Raspberry (armhf)). What’s new? Not that much. I think it really works for OSX (10.9). This time, for sure!. It includes a Cobbler than can install and remove gems including gems that have to be compile from source (hmm I should test that again on Windows, but anyway…)

I might update b9 with some documentation changes or other developer wonky stuff you wouldn’t see. This is the last of Beta releases. The next release will be 3.2.10 – no more ‘b’ actors.

What’s ahead with Shoes 3.2.10 and beyond? Fixing and closing user reported bugs (from long ago) Lot’s of wiki edits and more better documentation.

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