Why packaging so damn cool

On my Ubuntu box (64 bit) I packaged the isp.rb script for Linux-i686 (32 bit) and copied it to my Debian VM. In Debian I did ccoupe@elvis:~$ ./isp.run --target foo which puts Shoe and isp.rb in the ~/foo directory and runs isp.rb. That’s nice.

Then on the debian system, I did ./foo/shoes -p That runs the packager (I could have run it from the splash screen, without the -p). Then I packaged the ~/foo/isp.rb script and created a Raspberry pi version (isp.run) which I copied to the pi and and executed it with ccoupe@pi ~ $ ./isp.run --target foo. Even when Shoes 3.0 and 3.1 was working you couldn’t move between different Linux architectures.

There is a bug in using the pi to create an x86_64. It may be the pi’s odd Locale settings but that’s why I do these gruesome tests. When it’s fully working you could create Shoes/OSX version of your script and use that to create a Windows version or … Actually it’s a 5 X 5 matrix which is a whole lot testing for the anal compulsive. Thank god I’m only a hacker and I don’t care about perfection.

You will see shoes 3.2.11 versions in the download directory. You shouldn’t use them for packaging until you read about it here. OK?

2 thoughts on “Why packaging so damn cool

  1. passenger

    thanks again,
    can’t download at the moment (next week) i’ll let you know if things are working on my side, though i have similar OS (ubuntu), so i don’t know if it’s of any interest for you

    kind regards

    1. Cecil Post author

      @Passenger, Packaging is still a very fluid work in progress although I think ‘with Linux’ for ‘Linux works’. There’s an oddity for the raspberry pi, though. I think packging an exe from Linux works too. OSX is in progress.

      All feedback is of interest too me. Thanks.


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