Shoes 3.2.11 is available

Shoes 3.2.11 is available for download. Changes from 3.2.10 involve limited packaging support.

Shoes 3.2 (Linux) can package a script for OSX (10.9+), Windows 7+, and Linux (i686, x86_64, armhf). Before anyone does a ‘happy happy’ dance let me point out several issues that I probably won’t fix anytime soon, if ever. This may not be the packaging you remember. Allow me to use an example. I have a Shoes script, isp.rb. Using a Shoes 3.2 that I’ve download (or built from source) for my platform I can create an isp.exe (Windows), isp-osx.tgz (OSX) and Linux versons, and Each one of those is 15MB to 20MB in size because it includes Shoes. None of them will install Shoes (maybe the Windows could but it shouldn’t). Command line jockeys might be able get normal Shoes working from the but why bother? Download the real Shoes if that’s what you want. OK? Please?!

You will note that download is likely to be faster than packaging. Packaging is seriously slow when dealing with OSX and Linux. I do mean seriously slow. Really slow. You could have packaged up a .shy with your script, upload that and write a blog entry before you get isp-osx or isp-linux built. Many minutes for each variant and then you’d have to upload them for users to download.

Perhaps you’re thinking “if it’s so crippled then why did you get it half assed working, Cecil? Huh? Why?”

Because I could and nobody else would.

There’s also some end use cases where this is exactly what is desired. For example, I’ve got a Yield To Maturity shoes app I wrote in green shoes. It’s a very tricky calculation that you’re supposed to call your stock/bond broker to do for you. They probably use some Excel macros liked to their inside databases. Perhaps they’d like a cross platform native gui app? OR not, but some of your edge cases might.

Don’t be alarmed if the Shoe 3.2.11 dates and sizes change in the next week – it’s only me fixing packaging problems. I’ll let you know here is something important has changed with Shoes 3.2.

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