Did I mention Slow with a side of bugs?

I start on that 5 x 5 testing of packaging. Linux can package all 5. OSX can Package all 5. (I don’t have to do tests of every Linux since for Shoes, they’re all alike.) Here’s the screen in slow motion.


Windows has several head scratching issues. It can package for Window (they all do that) but it doesn’t want to untar any of the Linux or OSX distributions. I saw that hang before on Linux when I was re-implementing and then I did something and it went away. It’s back. There’s an even more puzzling problem that might cause the first one. Isp.exe (any source) will install a Shoes in the system (and menus). That’s not what I want but the huh? problem is that the Shoes is 3.2.10, not the 3.2.11 in the payload. Which means that Windows is hiding on old version of Shoes where I can’t find it – yet.

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