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OSX Gtk2? Who knew? [Updated]

I stumbled upon a post about homebrew installing gtk2 on OSX (and gtk3). Really? Would that work with Shoes (Linux is gtk2 of course and I’ve got Shoes/Gtk2 for Windows – it’s the only Windows version of Shoes I distribute. If Gtk2 and Shoes works on OSX then I wouldn’t have learn all the Mac ‘Kit’ stuff or Objective-C. I’ve already got a Ruby version the download code working for Linux (replaces curl) and Windows so I don’t need nsurl.m

It’s not like some more #ifdef’s in the Shoes .h files is going hurt anybody and it’s easy to create another build target in the Rakefile. Getting that build target to work? Well, there is some madness ahead and I don’t really know if it will work but it worth trying because the current OSX build of the .m files raise all kinds of ‘deprecations’ and ‘don’t do that’ warning messages. Who needs that kind of nanny? And if it works, I can turn on the GTK3 variation since I’ve written that code already (with bugs, but it exists and mostly works). It’s not like Shoes OSX doesn’t already drag in a butt load of X11 libs and it runs fast enough on my low end mac mini. Or that I care that much about startup time.

You can predict where I’m headed next with Shoes 3.2. But first, I created an the OSX build via ssh step for my master build. And I changed the version number to 3.2.10. Screw the alpha/beta/release-canidate version number nonsense. That’s just useless ‘Big-Company speak’ I’m sorry fell back into that trap. Golden Masters? I didn’t go that far into the hole.

I also ‘improved’ the web page at the ‘Federales?’ tab on the top of this site. So, I’ve done my part to communicate better before I heat up the keyboard, brain cells and WTF vocabulary on Shoes/OSX/GTK2. Have I mentioned before how much the Rakefiles annoy me?

Don’t do that. It was easy enough to get it to compile and link. Execute? That depends on an OSX user will to install X11 and configure it. Not something Shoes should do. It also confuses homebrew and the fragile rakesfile to do odd things that are hard to undo.

Shoes 3.2b9 – Beginning a new phase

Shoes 3.2b9 is available for download, for all platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux (X86_64, i686, and Raspberry (armhf)). What’s new? Not that much. I think it really works for OSX (10.9). This time, for sure!. It includes a Cobbler than can install and remove gems including gems that have to be compile from source (hmm I should test that again on Windows, but anyway…)

I might update b9 with some documentation changes or other developer wonky stuff you wouldn’t see. This is the last of Beta releases. The next release will be 3.2.10 – no more ‘b’ actors.

What’s ahead with Shoes 3.2.10 and beyond? Fixing and closing user reported bugs (from long ago) Lot’s of wiki edits and more better documentation.

Mac Madness begins – mini version

Just saying ‘close’ is enough to discover how ‘not that close’ I am. Turns out the b9 distribution for OSX doesn’t run on a new mac — some missing libtool manipulations. How did I learn that? I bought a new mac mini — the low end 4GB one and before I set it up to do the development of Shoes, I’ll use it to test the build from the Hackintosh VM. Yes, that’s completely back asswards! The reason for the real Mac is to compile. Even better: I should set if I can setup virtualbox on OSX and install a plain 10.9.3 as a guest. How do you do that without an ISO?

It’ll be a few days before I get Shoes 3.2b9 for OSX available. It takes some non shoes work to get the mini fully setup into my home network. I’m legal too until I get around the little problem with Oraclebox not setting up an OSX guest unless you have a OSX Server OS. One could export the Hackintosh VM and import it on OSX and it might appear to work OK once one works out the change in monitor/screen size. It would be better to just start over with the Guest OS with a basic Hackintosh once I get the host OSX sorted out and the Shoes 3.2b9 bugs sorted out

The hackintosh Guest on Ubuntu is too unpleasant to do serious Shoes work. Particularly when there is real mac mini which doesn’t have cursor hangs and whose nfs performance is solid, even ‘not bad’. Just too much ‘unsupported’ in the Hackintosh on Ubuntu. Shoes performs better, about what you’d expect (it’s dragging some X11 stuff behind it). Remote Desktop (VNC) works too. Still a little ssh work so I don’t need passwords but the mac mini is integrated. It’s got xcode and rvm installed and homebrew and it builds Shoes with the same bug that the hackintosh does (a bug that b7 didn’t have). I know where the bug lives (I fixed it once before).