Slowing moving forwards

That game stopping bug when using Shoes/Windows to package a Linux or OSX? It’s fixed for dealing with Linux (osx should be easier now that I know more). The real problem is that +x permissions don’t mean diddly if you unpack a tarball on Windows. So, I wrote some code using Gem::TarReader and TarWriter to replace Shy.xzf and Shy.czf. It creates a hash of filenames=>permissions and uses that when writing a tar file. It took a lot of debugging and testing. I started to question my intentions.

On the bright side, I know a lot more about Windows limitations and handling the .run with windows was harder than OSX (I think) and most of that code is written now. I could also dump minitar and rewrite shy.rb. That would be tempting.

It’s still Shoes 3.2.11. Just because packaging mostly works doesn’t mean you should use it, although it is pretty damn cool. Anyway, I’ll get Windows packaging for OSX sorted out in a day or two.

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