What’s new in Shoes 3.2.16

Yes, Shoes 3.2.16 is available for download here. For Linux (x86, i386, armhf), Windows 7+, and OSX (Mavericks and Yosemite).

What’s new in 3.2.16?
1. Fixed a nasty hanging bug on Windows where Shoes would appear to hang, usually in the background. This bug has been known since 3.1. It actually consumed 100% of a cpu core and if the system got busy doing other things it wouldn’t empty the event queue so Windows decided it was hung. It wasn’t. I believe it’s fixed now.

2. Shoes can now package a script (or a directory by making a shy of it) and you can
choose to have it packaged “Download if needed”. This option adds 10 to 60KB to your script instead of 8 to 15MB. When it run on the user’s system it downloads and installs Shoes if it’s not already installed. Any platform can package for any platform. Subsequent running of the package is fast since Shoe is installed. It is the default option.

What’s next?
Both of these features took a lot of work to fix and to implement so minor bug fixing has been on the back burner. There is an OSX bug with radio buttons (easily seen in the packager). There hundreds of compiler warnings that don’t need to be there. There’s a lot of How-To’s that could be written. Shoes Windows Gtk could have a Theme manager so the widgets might look a bit more Window’s like IFF it can be run from Shoes. I’d like to add some additional capabilities to the Packager. No promises, yet.

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