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Breakage Ahead

Shoes 3.3.2 may not redefine Ruby exit and quit like it used to. Instead your scripts should use Shoes.quit. That should work on on Shoes 3.3.1 (and perhaps earlier). I might be the only person that calls exit or quit on a button press.

The window decorator icons and the osx global menu work as before. Avoid the panic and change your calls to Ruby quit and exit to Shoes.quit. Assuming you have any. Of course, you’ll try it and report bugs if it doesn’t work. Right? Please.


I know it seems like a long time since the last release – it has been a long time. Here is the deal, we were mucking around with command line stuff which is not cross platform by definition and is difficult to debug and test. A lot of that difficulty went away with the new cshoes launch scripts for OSX – I think I told you how great fix is?

Pretending to be a xterm console will get you into some dark places. Digging new tunnels in dark places is usually not a successful strategy for finding daylight. Dig I did.

Byebug was never well tested or used and with the old clunky osx launcher not all that usable. Shoes 3.3.2 is going to fix that. From the cshoes command line, `-d` will put you in byebug, pointing to some Shoes startup Ruby code. Set breakpoints in whatever file you intend to debug. ‘c’ and continue to it. Any args after -d are subject to normal shoes handling – so -d knows nothing about those extra args. You can debug the Ruby code of Shoes startup and processing this way or set a breakpoint on the file you want and let Shoes load it normally.

I’ve already mentioned the Shoes.terminal and it’s documented in the Shoes Manual now in case you need to change some appearance settings. Beta Time!

Yes, there are some known bugs. It’s a beta. You might find it useful.

Shoes 3.3.2: a pre-beta

I’ve uploaded the Shoes 3.3.2 binaries.

What’s new – damn near nothing. A font loading fix on Windows. If you happen to be a command line commando however, you might see some things that matter: A new Shoes.terminal to replace that brain dead Shoes.console. Many man hours (lot of many) were put into that creature. Which caused a long overdue rewrite of OSX terminal launch scripts. If you are an OSX command line person you’ll say “Thank you, Jesus!” But my name is Cecil and I have a lot of work to before 3.3.2 gets beyond this early beta. We also added a Fun but rudimentary profiler (caution: may not work on Windows).

With the new terminal code, you can run test/unit tests of your non-gui code without the command line if your willing to do some Shoes/Ruby level of work. I call it pre-beta because it is not complete enough to be a beta. If you’re using Shoes from the OSX command line – you want this not completely baked version of Shoes – you really do. It also fixes the multiple script open bug on OSX.

For OSX, it is not perfect but it is So Much better. You just get to the Cobbler (Maintain Shoes or -c) and create the cshoes script. If you’re driving Shoes from a textmate or applescript, you’ll need to update it to use cshoes instead of open’