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[2019-06-24 Hackety Hack]
Warning! I am not supporting Hackey Hack (HH).  Someone needs to fix the Hackety code to use nokogiri instead of the Hpricot gem. I’m told it’s really easy – the sample/expert/funnies used to do both if you need a hint.

Shoes 3.2 will not build a packaged up Hackety Hack. A running HH will not create another HH. It’s butt ugly slow on a Raspberry Pi because of the opening animation. I don’t create a desktop icon or menu entry for HH. But you can, if you choose to and know your OS well enough.

You must install Shoes 3.2.14 (or higher) or build your own Shoes from source (and install the neccessary gems) to run Hackety Hack.

Download the HH tar ball and unpack it. 7-zip works well enough on Windows 7 if you’d like a free and open source program for tar balls. You’ll get a ‘hh’ directory. Inside the hh folder is the 'h-ety-h.rb‘ file. Open that with Shoes from the command line or the Shoes splash screen or a desktop entry or whatever you need to do on Windows.

Other than starting up, I make no promises about Hackety Hack. Nothing has been fixed inside HH. It could have new bugs. It might work better. I don’t know and I’m unlikely to find out or care. HH is a dead project IMO and I’m not resurrecting it from the grave.