Linux Downloads

See the notes at the bottom about install formats.

Shoes 3.3.7 – Stable

Shoes 3.3.8 – Beta


Shoes 3.3.6 – Previous Stable

Installing on Linux and BSD.

A note about formats and making them executable. If the file ends with ‘,install’ then after downloading you need to ‘chmod +x’ and then ./ to run the installer. It will install into your user directory $HOME/.shoes/. You’ll also have an entry in your desktop Menus (under Programming). If you plan to start Shoes from the command line, this is the option you want.

There may be AppImage files. You can treat these like the .install – just set the executable bit and run it, but they don’t install the same. It’s a it’s a silently mounted image that provides some sandbox and checksum protection. If you don’t like Shoes then just toss the appImage away. If you’d like menu’s and better integration then there is an option in Maintain Shoes (aka Cobbler) to install it like normal Shoes.