Shoes 3.2 Alpha 1

I’ve been busy upgrading Shoes 3 (aka Policeman)  to be a maintenance release that works better for Linux users. I have lofty goals and I also know reality can cut the knees out of lofty. Still, for those Linux users willing to take a few minutes, they might enjoy helping me test this release and sending a bug report to or to the Shoes Mailing list  .  I’m calling this release ‘Federales’ because its a Policeman maintenance release, but different enough that I want a new name.

Alpha release means that I know what doesn’t work. I need to tell you what doesn’t work: There is nothing new for Windows or OSX users. Sorry. . There are graphics/clipping bugs – minor until you try samples/simple-accordian.rb or samples/simple-menu.rb. I already know about them, so no need to report that. If you use Link and Linkhover as a variation of ‘para’, they won’t work until you change them to Shoes::Link and Shoes::Linkhover. Some constants like PI have to be Shoes::PI.  Sorry.  I plan to fix the Gtk bugs. Link and Linkhover. Probably not anytime soon.

Enough with the Negative Nancy downers dude, what does Federales (a1) do for Linux users?

  1. It uses Gtk+-3.0 which is kind of like ah, modern. Less apt-gets and yums to get it working. None, I hope.
  2. Very good  chance the binary releases will work for your Linux. Your feedback is requested.
  3. You can use  gems that Shoes doesn’t  include.  It’s  not obvious yet because I’m too busy to write the release notes on how to do that,  but see the cache.rb file and then ‘touch getoutofjail.card’ in the proper directory. That directory is likely to change soon.
  4. Did I mention there is a Raspberry pi binary download?  And it works. (for me). Please report your experience with it.

Installing Shoes Federales-a1 is simple. Download from the links below and save it wherever your browser will let you in your home directory. Open a terminal and cd there.  Then do ‘tar zxf <the-downloaded-file>. It should create a directory starting with ‘shoes3.2a1’ plus your choice of architecture. For example, on my suse VM, Firefox just puts it in Downloads without my options. OK.

ccoupe@linux-n295:~> cd Downloads/
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> ls
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> tar -zxf shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> ./shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux/shoes ./shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux/samples/simple-chipmunk.rb

If I were you, I’d move/rename the directory to be something less awful. Shoes doesn’t care. I happen to like the chipmunk demo, If you don’t specify a file name to load, you’ll get the normal Shoes splash screen animation. Try it. Try some of the other samples. (some will fail). Delete it when you’ve seem enough.

So, where do I get this Shoes 3.2 Federales Alpha 1 Release for my Linux so that I can tell you what I really think?

Please leave a comment here, send an email to the -Shoes Mailing list or email me directly.

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