Shoes 3.2b1 (Gtk2) For Windows


There is a new Shoes 3.2 (beta 1 Gtk2) that can be downloaded for Windows. It should run all the samples that Red Shoes 3.1 does with a few exceptions. It might even run existing Shoes programs if they don’t use Shoes.setup — that won’t work (so samples/simple-rubygems.rb won’t either). I suspect the samples that download from the internet may discover threading errors. Some of those samples don’t work on Linux either.

What makes this interesting? It uses (and includes) the Gtk2 GUI toolkit – the same toolkit as Linux versions of Shoes. It doesn’t depend on someone on the development team knowing how to code Windows GUI in C — in fact, this Shoes 3.2 Windows application was built entirely on Linux. I tested it briefly with Windows 7 and XP (virtual machines). As always, I seek feedback. Send me email at or at the Shoes mailing list.

[Update 2014-01-23]
I created a Shoes 3.2 (beta 1 MSW) (download here). This one doesn’t use Gtk — it uses the normal windows controls and the Shoes code for them. It does run and it might be a tiny bit quicker. It shares some bugs with the Gtk2 version and IMO, it has some new bugs. I only did it to see what happens and close up a karmic gap. My interest is fixing the Gtk2/Gtk3 versions.

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