Shoes Federales (3.2.b1) for Linux

Yesterday, I put up the raspberry pi version of Shoes. Today I have a slightly better version for the raspberry as well as binary distributions for Linux 32 bit and 64 bit.

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. 64 bit Linux
  3. 32 bit Linux

These are .run files so in a terminal, chmod +x [downloaded-file} and then ./{downloaded-file}. You’ll see some messages about verifying integrity and you’ll be asked for the root password to install the desktop file. Shoes is installed in ~/.shoes/federales and you should find the icon/menu somewhere in Programming/Development/Education/Others. (you have to look in all of them because I can’t predict where it is on your system). You can always create a launcher of your own if you like.

If you’re running Ubuntu Unity or it’s less refined cousin in Fedora, then you have search for Shoes from Activities and then drag the icon into Activities. It works. It’s not pretty to me but it works.

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