Shoes 3.2b3 is available

I don’t anticipate another beta for Shoes 3.2 Federales. Yes, I could do more but I think I should pause. Unless I find a show stopping bug, Oh Hell I did find one. Never mind. check back later

After some digging in the bug, I’m going to release the b3. The files can be download from

The bug does need to be fixed but it’s not a show stopper. I’ll describe the conditions where it appears. You have to download and a Shoes 3.2 .run file for your architecture – not builing from source, and from the Shoes manual, you start the rubygems example it appears to fail after building native extensions (it will always fail if you don’t have gcc, make and friends intalled). Appears to fail. Actually it built the gem just fine. Re-run the the example app – no error because it’s installed.

If you tell Shoes to run the samples/simple-rubygems.rb script from the command line or the splash screen “Open an App” it also builds and installs the gem without drama although it’s gawd awful slow on a raspberry pi. It’s not a bug that prevents Shoes.setup from working.

There’s another long standing bug I should fix for b4. samples/simple-sphere.rb fails on 64 bit rubies. That bug is in the C code for blur (I think).

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