Well, this is embarassing. Newer 3.2b3.

After much head scratching and moaning about ftsearchrt, UTF-8 and encroaching socialism in the USA (the usual suspects). It turns out that the manual problem is fixed. It was fixed a month ago but global warming activists deleted that fix. Or I dropped a commit or something. Anyway, I’ve updated the Shoes b3 downloads. It’s not really enough of a fix to be called b4. I did make a minor enhancement to the display of samples to run from the Manual and maybe I fixed some symlinking issues and I should have called it b4. But I didn’t because I want b4 to be the last release of 3.2. I tire of the version numbering. Here is the link to download.

The b4 death march will begin in a few seconds. Most Linux users of Shoes won’t notice the changes and it still doesn’t help Windows and OSX. b4 is mostly about my interests. Sure, I’d like to fix the simple-sphere.rb bug for 64 bit Rubies. Without feedback though, I’m going to persue my interests and that is to
whip down a gem setup bug when you do have the tools to build but only when run from the sample page of the manual. I can count the number of people that will find that bug on half a finger. I’m more interested in getting gems and exts better support for cross compiling to raspberry (and binject for raspberry and packaging scripts for raspberry/shoes).

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