Shoes 3.2b4

I fixed a couple of bugs. Whee! For the binject extension. Whoa! That’s dangerous territory to be exploring, dude! Indeed it is, but with binject included then Shoes doesn’t cough up a hair ball when selecting packaging from the main screen. Granted the splash screen says “obsolete” but that could mean ‘not working yet’. It could work from and for Linux. I think it should work for Raspberry pi users and if I can do that, I can do it for the other Linux – X86_64 and i686.

Shoe 3.3b4 is here I doubt it fixes anything most people care about.

If I wanted to fix (Red) Shoes packaging I should enumerate the current fails and how I would fix them. Packaging has always been on my mind. Notice how the website has longer urls and the files names have more info embedded than raisans.exe or Of course there is a reason for the extra info. I recognized the problem back when Shoes/OSX had ppc and intel builds. Same problem for arm/intel builds. You can’t have one .run/.exe/.dmg for download that can deal with all OS/arch variations.

I do have Linux binary downloads that work. The packager is just too crusted to deal with variations of Linux (or OSX or Windows). When went into permament maintence mode (dead) it also broke any chance of 3.1 packaging working. We knew that then. Yes, there are 3.1 downloads at github if you can find them but the Shoes code (native/stubs) was never updated to know that. Nor does Shoes 3.2 know about my 3.2 downloads at this website. Fixable? Yes. Ripe for dream like cloud over-engineering and psuedo abstraction? Yup.

Maybe I’ll include nokogiri and sqlite3 in Shoes 3.2b5 first. That might be a whole lot easier.

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