Nearing the end of Shoes 3.2

I’ve been thinking about what to do next. Getting packaging working is a really deep hole and frankly not worth that much effort unless Windows and OSX have working Red Shoes packaging too. That means GTK3 for all platforms and that means dealing with the Shoes/Ruby/Windows threading problem now (and fixing the known gtk3 bugs). If the thread bugs are too much for me, then the next Shoes 3.3 is not possible.

Yes, there are some minor bugs in 3.2 for Linux but they are really minor and have work arounds. In the previous post I showed how to use Shoes to install the serialport gem on a Linux system without any Ruby but the one inside Shoes. And then I showed how in install the Sqlite3 gem. Shoes binary downloads (the .run) work much better in 3.2. Much better than they ever did.

So that’s my plan. Get Shoes-3.2/GTK3/Ruby-2.1.0 working on Windows w/o the threading bugs. If I can find a solution, then there is no reason to care about packaging and other enchancements.

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