Replacing curl part 2. Shoes 3.2b5

Yes, a new beta is available for Windows (gtk2) and raspberry pi. It fixes problems with the Shoes download command on the pi and possibly windows. I also added a simple-download1.rb to samples to test some things that simple-download.rb doesn’t. There are
more tests needed and possibly some coding as well to handle incoming options and dealing with http headers but frankly, if you really need that ability just write your own open_uri code. That’s all I did.

Getting rid of curl can now proceed with the more difficult task: Changing the C code in image.c and the dance of hell with the .h files and rakefiles. Testing should be easier.

One final note for Windows. It’s entirely possible that Shoes will hang on internet operations because the Firewall is letting the Shoes you installed make a connection.

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