Replace curl – part 4 – The end is nigh. Shoes 3.2b5 is here.

Really, really near. The only hard part left is fixing the .h and .c files and the rake files that curl is not needed. Just a small matter of #ifdef that could take hours or days to get right. It’s working for the Raspberry pi build. It’s working for Windows(Gtk2) and it’s working for the linux source build (to dist/) and those are the ones I care about the most. Also working for X86_64 and i686 generic Linux. I have no interest in the Windows native widgets (msw) variant, when the Gtk2 variant is working so well on Windows. For Red Shoes, gtk is the future.

Shoes 3.2b5 is available if you click on downloads menu and pick the one you want. “What does b5 bring to the table” you might ask? I got rid of curl and sqlite. But you don’t care about that unless you’ve tried to compile shoes. I got image download caching working again. It’s just better. Just slightly better, but it was hard work for me!

I’m even going to clean out the eariler beta downloads by moving them to old.

What’s next, in b6? I don’t know. I’ve got a butt load of clean up I could do, have to do, some day. The binject and packaging could wait forever. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll move on to Shoes 3.3 (gtk3).

If you choose not to clone from my github, there is a source tar.gz in the downloads.

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