This post and some future posts may not seem related to Shoes but it will be become clear.
Besides I’m tired of chasing internals shoes. Time to step a way for a few days.

Now that I have a modern real Intel (Tm) box, I can install OSX. I’ve just never bothered.
So I installed 10.8 Mountain Lion in a VirtualBox. It works. It could work better (screen size) if I spent some time with VirtualBox. You can find plenty of youtube videos for installing OSX in a VirtualBox. Hackintosh.

I didn’t know about VirtualBox’s newer networking capabilities that allows the host os and the guest os to network so in theory I could nfs export my shoes directory on ubuntu and nfs mount that in OSX. That would make Shoes development for OSX easier. Or rsync between them (not as good as nfs).

Since that’s a lot of work I don’t want to repeat it for 10.9 Maverick. So I’ll install 10.9 and the proper xcode (I hope). And then rvm and ruby and homebrew and then just possibly, maybe, also build GTK3. It sounds like an exercise in frustration and it might be. It could be more fun than updating Ubuntu and the Gnome Shell/Cinnamon mess.

—- later, many, many hours later —

It’s a wonder that I got 10.8 installed considering the crap that 10.9 involves. The VirtualBox networking is a deep dive since DNS seems not work in some situations. Fortunately, I can play with that after getting 10.9 installed. The 10.9 I have is not an .iso, it’s a bootable(!) .dmg. Linux doesn’t like that. Tools to convert to iso don’t work for me. Why not move those file to 10.8. Surely it knows what to do with them?

What I need is way to move files from Linux to the OSX VM. I can ssh/sftp to my hacked Buffalo NAS. It’s slow when moving 2GB and 5GB files. It works but my poor little NAS.
Meanwhile, I attempted to get a 80GB USB drive setup. That was bit tricky. Things got a lot better when I added myself to the vboxusers group. Eventually I formatted it in Linux as hfs+ and then as root, from the command line, cp the files, unmount from Linux. startup OSX 10.8 and it can read them (slowly). Can I install xcode 5.0.2 on 10.8? It tries. And Fails. But 10.8 is a detour. Right?

I want to get that 10.9 img onto the USB drive so it can use it to install in a new VirtualBox VM. Disk Utility – just a unintuitive to me as it was back in 10.2.8. Delete what’s on the USB drive. Image the 10.9 dmg to it. Simples? Did I mention Gawd Awful slow USB? Do I know what I’m doing? I don’t think so.

[Update Apr 23, 2014]
The experiment is over. Too many road blocks and dead ends. If you want an Apple machine or experience, get a real one. I’d forgotten what the Apple ecosystem was like. Now I remember. I’ll remain a happy APPL shareholder but not an Apple developer. I have enough challenges.

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