We don’t need no stinking decprecations

You might have thought it was impossible but I’m actually learning Objective C and Cocoa and AppKit and and and and. I decided to fix deprecations in cocoa.m first. One of these days, deprecated stuff from 10.5 will stop working. Font handling appears to be OK now. And not a nightmare of FSrefs and FSgetCatInfo and other Carbon bad memories I remember from Mac OS 6. (Yes, I do remember the time before Switcher) The new code is also smaller except I #if’d it so the source file is larger. Not a problem for me.

I’m also cleaning up the open/save file/folder dialogs (deprecations). That was on the list of annoying things about Shoes OSX. I’m not sure I can fix Save Folder the way I’d like but it’s worth a try and I’m learning. (it’s also funky in Linux and Windows too). I’m also starting to learn which Objective-C warnings shouldn’t be ignored. Even if Shoes doesn’t crash, some warnings suggest “that probably won’t work as intended”, and they don’t.

[update] The OSX save folder dialog no longer sucks. I’m pleased with my OSX progress. Who knows, I might fix a reported OSX bug in the days ahead. It’s possible. Or I could think about fixing packager now that I know almost enough to fix the launch/download stub.m. It would improve my OSX knowledge but thats future talk.

Shoes 3.2.10 will be the same as b9 with those minor fixes for OSX I just mentioned. I should announce it.

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