Shoes 3.2.10 – not a beta

I invite you to download Shoes 3.2.10 and give it try. Please let me know if it works for you, or if it doesn’t. The download tab above will give the the simple instructions. You can easily delete it if you don’t like it and it doe not interfere with any other version of Shoes you might have. Shoes 3.2 is available for Linux 32 and 64 (intel/amd), Raspberry pi (raspbian), Windows 7+, and OSX 10.9.

What’s new from Shoes 3.1?

  • Linux binaries that work. OSX is working. Windows works too!
  • Uses Ruby 2.1.x and Gems 2.2.2
  • A new Cobbler screen allows you to install and delete gems for Shoes with a GUI. Developer level folks can tell Shoes to use any existing gem directories – if they are Ruby 2.1.x compatible. You can also make a copy of the Samples so you don’t have to poke around inside dot directories or navigate to weird places to find them.
  • There are no built in gems. No bloopsaphone, or json or hpricot or sqlite3. You can use the Cobbler facility to down them or your favored equivalant.
  • Linux users get Menu item in their GUI. The Shoes icon has been changed so you won’t confused it with other Shoes.
  • Sample code that uses hpricot or sqlite won’t work until you fix them or download the gems.

Under the covers, in the source code and the rakefiles, a lot has changed to make it easier to maintain (my opinion). MRI Ruby 2.0 and 2.1 drives the bus and Gem’s are the backup driver. Shoes 3.2 just rides along where they go. The 3.0 and 3.1 code tried to convince Ruby and Gems that they can bend to Shoes’s will. I also do a lot of things to enable cross compile magic. It only takes 5 minutes of wall clock time to build all 5 versions of Shoes. It take four times longer to upload them and many times longer to download them into each Virtual Machine or real system.

There’s also a default option for building from source if you don’t care about building Shoes binaries to distribute. That version can’t be copied over the internet since it’s linked to your ruby and your gems installation (and often your user name or Linux variant). It’s smaller in size, builds faster and it’s great for code jockeys. Shoes knows not to let you package that. For most folks that’s the right thing.

3 thoughts on “Shoes 3.2.10 – not a beta

  1. Jorge Lozano

    Las descargas ya no están disponibles. También me gustaría que me ayudaran a saber cómo hacer un ejecutable .exe de un archivo Shoes.


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