I’m moving things around. This is the new home for the Shoes 3.2 blog posts. Why Walkabout?  Would you like the short story or the long story?

I like to think why_the_luck_stiff just went on hiatus, a walkabout.  He’ll be back.  Is that a romantic or religious notion? Hell yes. Before the Shoes Team decided to re-implement Shoes 3 with JRuby (aka Shoes 4), I proposed ‘walkabout’ would be the release after we got ‘policeman’ out.  Nobody objected.  It’s still a good name.

We kind of screwed up with the Policeman release. I’m embarrassed about that. It was bad. No excuses. Since then,  The “team” began working on Shoes 4 and a certain impatient person whose name matches mine waited a year to two and then created Shoes 3.2 (Federales) to tide us over until Shoes 4 arrives.

Federales (Shoes 3.2) is the most current version of Red Shoes. It’s really current: Ruby 2.1.x, all platforms + raspberry pi. Gem handling that works (Gems 2.2.2). Packaging that really works for all.

There is no ‘walkabout’ release, yet. Shoes is quirky and brilliant. I’m just quirky and plodding. So this blog is mostly about the Federales version of Red Shoes (MRI-ruby or cruby). If I do something amazing, I’ll name it ‘walkabout’ and won’t have to change the blog title or url, unless I want to.

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