Hackety Black Hole

I’m still working on the website(s) dark hole of good intentions, unrealized. New background image for new theme. I added a Links menu up top.

Then I got distracted checking the links to Hackety-Hack. The good news? Hackety can (does) work with Shoes 3.2 if you run the source code (github) The bad news: I’m not likely to fix it anytime soon for packaging. There are tar balls and then there are tar babies and I know the difference. I’d be willing to help someone else. It’s certainly do-able with Shoes 3.2 and some changes to my packaging scheme. I’d don’t want to own it. My plate is full.

Then again, Shoes 4 shows what they intend for apps like Hackety. It’s something I should think about. It’s not like I’m happy with the current Shoes 3.2 packager. Tar babies! Every where I look!

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