Backing down and wandering about

I continue to learn. That means mistakes were made. Enough with the Negative Nancy self inflicted recriminations. Be positive! I got this to work on Shoes 3.2, Raspberry PI.

You could die, have a long conversation with the diety of your choice and be sent back to earth as an avenging angel while it starts up. The opening animation just swamps the Pi in all the wrong ways. Not a teaching tool for the pi. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

I did not cross compile the hpricot and sqlite3 gems. Thats even more sucky than I remembered. I just used Shoes Cobbler to install the gems on the systems that have the compilation tools and libs to do so.

So where does that leave us with those Shoes Gems (hpricot, sqlite3)? I don’t want them tightly tied into to building Shoes 3.2. Perhaps a separate project ‘shoes-extras’ or ‘shoes-pack’ gemset, based more on rake-compiler. Not really a Shoes thing. Just cross compile the gems. And make them available to Shoes – maybe another Cobbler button to load them from the website and install them into the ~/.shoes/+gems

Sqlite3 would be the interesting one. That gem should include the ruby gem stuff AND the and .h and .c

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