When Shoes 3.2.14 is finished

I’ve got the Linux and Windows versions of Shoes 3.2.14 sorted out when it comes to using the Shoes built in gems (hpricot, sqlite3). It was mostly a problem with my build/testing setup. If the GEM_HOME environment variable is set (which rvm will set) then the Ruby inside Shoes got a bit confused. A lot confused. Don’t have rvm – not a problem. But I do have rvm and I suspect many Shoes Folks do. It was an easy fix in cache.rb to delete it, if it’s there (for sandboxed Tight Shoes). Finding that problem was a little tedious.

Shoes 3.2.14/OSX is being a bit picky and hissy. I think the otool/install-name-tool dance is required.

For convience, or continuity or ‘just because I can’, I’ve extracted Hackey Hack and made it available for download (see download tab. It works well enough for me with Shoes 3.2.14. I do not care about Hackety Hack other than Shoes 3.2 ought to be able to run it. It does. Except for the OSX problem with 3.2.14 not being available. Stay tuned.

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