Gem currents sway back and fro

The mystery continues about those Shoes Gems. Mysteries to me at least. Some of those other gem’s in Ruby’s internal gem directory cannot be ‘require’d by Ruby irb. Shoes fails on those too. I think I should keep Shoes gems out of there. It’s should be easy enough to create a new directory for shoes gems and teach cache.rb and the rakefiles to use it. That directory would be inside the Shoes App tree, not in ~/.shoes/+gems. Kind of like the jailbreak but hidden and only for a few ‘historical’ gems.

Of course, just copying those historical gems to ~/shoes/+gems would be even better. Easy enough with another button/panel in Cobbler. Kinda of like copying the sample scripts out of the tree. Each Shoes distribution would have a ‘shoesgems’ directory or something similar with precompiled binaries.

It would be much harder to copy the shoesgems during the initial Shoes installation so I’m not going there. Which means that packaged scripts (or shy’s) that require the gems wouldn’t run/install either. So, there’s no need for the user to copy them to ~/+gems.

It is confusing and that’s why I’m blogging about the decision and choices. Modifiying the rakefiles to build and copy the gems to a Shoes directory instead of a Shoes/Ruby directory should be easy (OSX complications might lessen). In fact, I might do it in OSX first – it’s the hardest and the one with biggest problem of the current scheme.

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