The quiet release of 3.2.14

So, I found a bug in cache.rb and I didn’t need all the previous days of angst about hpricot and sqlite3 gems. We can’t learn without some mistakes. Maybe you can but I still make mistakes and continue to learn how little I know.

Shoes 3.2.14 is available for download for all platforms. The only improvements from 3.2.13 are that hpricot and sqlite3 gems are included with Shoes 3.2. Hackety Hack appears to works on all plaforms (don’t package it) See previous post on how to get Hackety Hack installed.

The 3.2.14 release pretty much gets 3.2 up to doing things that Raisins could do and Policeman failed to do as well I we all had hoped. A limited form of packaging is working for all platforms from all platforms. There is a working website to support packaging. Shoes is updated for Ruby 2.1 and gems 2.2. OSX 10.9, Windows 7, and modern Linux downloads that really work (x86_64, i686, armhf (aka raspberry). Many reported bugs with Shoes 3.x have been fixed – although not all bugs have been fixed and odds are high, there will be newly discovered bugs.

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