Don’t Panic

You might see Shoes 3.2.15-gtk2-*.install files in the download directory. For the moment, those are the Linux installers for Shoes. You might even notice that they are less than one half the size of 3.2.14’s .run files. 7MB instead of 19MB.

Gob smack me too! 3.2.15 was built without debug symbols. If you’ve got a small memory device running off a flash card like the raspberry pi, that actually makes Shoes on the pi ‘not really that slow’ . I could blow some smoke about paging and locality of ELF sections and other things. What matters is is it’s faster and smaller with makes if faster to download and package.

Why did I change the name from .run to .install? Because someone on the mailing list actually tried to package a Shoes script in Linux for Linux and he found the process a tad bit confusing. Sure I could write some better wiki docs but that’s not a good solution. It should be easier and for Linux (which is what I care about the most) I could be a lot better. First step – change the name so Shoes installers are not confused with packaged Shoes scripts and they cause “huh?” moments.

Yeah, I’ll have to do some code slinging in shoes/lib/app_packager and modify a bash script or two in order to get the download if needed option working again. For Linux. My plan is not to run the fricking installer every time. Install shoes 3.2 Federales once if its not there and then run thes users script. That won’t happen anytime soon, if ever for Windows unless I learn a whole lot more about Windows.

That’s the plan for 3.2.15 – better Linux app packaging. And smaller sizes.

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