Got around to it

Some would call it clean up, others would call it an essential must do first task – website statistics. I’m pleasantly surprised. There are a few people reading the blog articles and a decent number of Shoes downloads, 50+ a day or more. That surprised me. So far, Linux downloads are more than Windows and not that many are from packaging. How many are real people vs download eveything and repost it on their website under their banner is unknown.

How do I know they aren’t packaging? Because the first step in packaging is to GET an cgi script that returns the installers available. Other than me, no one would run that manually or even know about it. Now you know about it but you’re not likely to read the app_packager.rb source code to find the url. I didn’t set that up to make statistics easier. Unintended benefits!

I’ve been updating the Shoes manual in the last few days. New screen shots for installing and just getting the text to match what Shoes 3.2 looks like and does. The manual was seriously out of date. I’m also going to add a section for “where to go for more information” (my copy of the Wiki) and tell them what they could learn more about over there. Why has no one thought of that most basic idea? The manual doesn’t mention Shoes.setup (or gems) and it says nothing about Packaging. Those are not beginner level topics, but they should know where to go to learn more about Shoes.

That means I have to update my copy of the Wiki to cater to intermediate level folks as well as the “developers”. Fortunately, I’ve got some blog posts and pages here that would fill that role. Which requires editing, here and there, which takes time. Which delays the release of 3.2.15.

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