Shoes 3.2.15

Shoes 3.2.15 is available for download (see tab above).


  1. New feature: You can set a finish= {proc} on edit_line. See here
  2. Updated the built-in manual to be more current with newer images and text. Added a manual section to direct the inquiring minds to the Shoes 3.2 wiki and other Internet resources.
  3. Linux installers have been renamed for ‘.run’ to ‘.install’ That means 3.2.14 users can’t package the newest Linux ‘install’ unless they also run 3.2.15. You need to upgrade to 3.2.15. if you intend to package for Linux. Shoe 3.2.14 will not detect that 3.2.15 is available when packaging. And you shouldn’t be packaging because it still doesn’t work like it should. Update anyway.

If you think that’s not worth a version number bump then you haven’t tried to update the manual and the wiki and this blog in sync. I still have to update the wiki and create 5 new posts.

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