Monthly Archives: August 2014


[Update Aug, 6, 2014]
3.2.14 has been deleted from the website. It doesn’t load the hpricot & sqlite3 Shoes gems properly. Sorry.
[End Update]

If you see Shoes 3.2.14 in the download directory that’s because it seems to work for Linux (x86_64, i686, armhf) and Windows (32 bit). It’s not available for OSX yet but I’ll figure that out. Until then ‘it’s not official’. Because I say so. On OSX, it compiles and links – it just doesn’t get copied and passed through the otool/install-name-tool sausage maker.

I updated the source code to be Sqlite 1.3.9 (from 1.3.0) although I did not change the gemspec. It still claims 1.3.0. If that matters to you, you’ll know why I didn’t bother and how to install a newer sqlite3 if you want one.

Despite my dreams of good intentions about Gem packs or some such completixity addon, I just hacked away at the extconf.rb, in frustration until I remembered that hack I used for binject. I’ve thought about putting the hack into something that all Shoes exts and gems could just require and it would be less hacky and more abstracty. But who cares? Anyone?

I need to fix the OSX bug with sqlite3. Theres an odd ssh bug with the Mac Mini after I relocated the box on the home network. Those are more important than Ruby purity abstractions and policital correctness. It’s only a Maintenence Release.


I managed to make the Hpricot 0.8.1 gem/ext build and run on all Shoes 3.2 platforms. Perhaps you know that 0.8.6 is the latest version. Why didn’t I update to the newer code?

Perhaps, because, just maybe that anybody who knows or cares about the difference is also capable of doing a jailbreak on Shoes 3.2 and they can install it for themselves. Remember – it’s only a maintenance release. Perhaps in Shoes 3.3 I’ll do something interesting, or not. I’ll wait to upload 3.2.14 until I get the Sqlite3 situation sorted out. It’s not as simple, I may have technical reasons to update the Shoes code to the latest.