How deep is that swamp?

I’ve been researching the Windows problems with Shoes and packaging. I know, I just can’t leave it alone. A scab to be picked off before healing or some other sick metaphor.

In my opinion, the only Shoes packaging worth anything is the defunct “download shoes if needed”. Shoes 3.2.16 can pack a directory now (it creates a .shy, as 3.0, and 3.1 did) but running that critter on the destination is less than pleasing. Which is one reason all the Shoes folks gave up trying to fix it. However, some people can look into the abyss and pluck out the jewel. Is that me? I don’t know. I’ve given up before. I could do it again. I make no predictions on success.

Shoes 3.1 has a short circuit in packaging (download if needed) for Windows that only worked if you run Windows. I need to fix that so anyone can package ‘download if needed’ .exe’s At the moment, Binject (now known as Winject) has problems inserting (injecting) resources into a Mingw compiled exe. Works fine for a MSVC (6?) compiled exe. Everything Shoes touches or uses was compiled with MinGW. So I need to fix winject.c. And before that, I need to compile platform/msw/stub.c and with mingw and call it static/stubs/shoes-stub.exe and then I figure out what winject is doing wrong,

I could get really lucky or be in for a deep deep dive.

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