Crawling on the hot coals

In the source code for Shoes 3.2.16 (the next one) (see github). I’ve retired binject and winject, the C code we all hate. In Shoes 3.2 it was only used to package for Windows (from anything running Shoes 3.2). I believe I can convince my copy of exerb-mingw/lib/exerb to do what (binject)winject did.

Is there a chance I’m on the wrong path and over committed by bias? Of course there is! Without a winject (C or pure ruby) and a shoes-stub.exe compiled with MinGW, there is no ‘going forward’ progress for packaging a Windows exe. blank.exe (from MSFT C) can not work – it’s hard coded to download from rin-shun/something/here and that site died a long time ago. I need to change the download URL inside it to my site (or one the user chooses). I need to inject a SHOES_URL (the variable site or exe at that site to download from). This is actually a big deal when it comes to time and details. It only sounds easy on paper.

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