Movin` on up

Moving on up the inverted pyramid to a penthouse in the sky (old TV show reference). Previously, I said the stub.c wasn’t Unicode friendly. I was wrong. It’s very much Unicode aware (in the Windows way). I can inject strings into shoes-stub.exe, and when the stub runs on Windows it can retrieve those strings.

Should I explain the significance? A pure Ruby script added binary resources to a Windows executable file (pe) and when that is run on Windows (and Wine) the stub.c/shoes-stub.exe can find them and use them. No winject.c or binject.c needed.

The inverted pyramid reference is all the code that has to be written or modified. At the moment, it doesn’t handle binary payloads – just strings. That’s a small matter of Ruby work. small being a code word for ‘more than I think’. Stub.c needs some work to move past Proof of Concept. Winject.rb need work. app_package.rb needs work and then add in the other 4 platforms. And then I do it again to implement my vision of all packaged Shoes (script or dir) would run a Shoe script to install the users script/app. But that’s all crazy talk for when the inverted pyramid becomes a diamond shape. Not there yet.

Download Shoes if Needed packaging is in sight. From any Shoes to Any Shoes. And the website to use is not hard coded in C or Objective C and can be changed with a knowledgeable user and a text editor. It might even play nice with Shoes 4. More crazy talk!

I think I can do it.

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