Houston, we have download.

Things are looking up. (Test) Packaging for Windows can now trigger a download and install of Shoes before running the the script or shy. When I’m finished a Shoes person with a small script or Shoes app doesn’t have to deal with 7 to 15MB files to distribute. This much loved option of Shoes was broken many years ago. It’s about to work again. Then I hope to make it even better now that I know more and can cross compile all of the Windows C code with MinGW base compilers. I have a lot of testing and some minor bugs to fix but it’s looking very promising.

It’s been a long slog, deep into Windows do-do. I survived and did some good. It should be more fun soon.

2 thoughts on “Houston, we have download.

  1. passenger

    Nice to hear you so positive :-)))
    3.2.15 works well for me (linux), when you’re ready i can make some test with packaging (dual boot with casual windows, no mac though )


  2. Cecil Coupe

    Nice to hear 3.2.15 is working for you. Thanks. I only hear about the stuff that doesn’t work. That’s how the world works and I’m guilty of download apps and not leaving positive feedback.

    I’m always positive, even when I whine why I shouldn’t be positive. Lowered expectations. Under promise, over deliver.

    3.2.16 should have some packaging “Wow” features . Unless I screw it up.


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