Monthly Archives: September 2014

Winject is the latest curse word

I got packaging running on Windows to not trigger the first error that was reported in bug #265. I put up some new versions of Shoes 3.2.15 that has the fix. Those are “finger quotes”. I don’t believe everything is “right”. Just better than it was.

On the more positive to me vector, I replaced binject with ‘winject’. Which is exactly the same except winject doesn’t have any OSX hfs/dmg stuff so it’s a slightly smaller download with less warning messages from the compiler. Well, I like it even if most of you won’t see it.

For a giggle, I packaged up one of my Shoes apps, ytm into a .shy and packaged the .shy for windows and raspberry pi. It worked! It works oddly in ways I’d like to be less odd.

I am also reminded that I still have a butt load of work for updating the Windows installer setup. ytm.exe works quite well IF you have Shoes 3.2.15 already installed. Not so good if ytm.exe hase to install Shoes – it installs Shoes 3.2.10 and dies trying to run the .shy inside. Where it found 3.2.10 is a major mystery. But, it installs it.

I have a lot to do to figure out what is happening with the nsis installer and how to get it to do what is ‘mo betta’.