Things that go ‘bump’ in the night – Shoes 3.2.16

I really wanted to produce Shoes 3.2.16 with the download if needed packaging. I did the hard part with Windows, right? Not according to bug reports. They want the Windows Hang problem fixed and one of them offered to help and he knows a boatload more about Windows than I do. He even went so far as to build Shoes (from source) on his Windows box. That’s a serious offer to help! Do not turn down help with Windows. Ever!

So we’ve been studying the hang problem on Windows. It’s not solved and it might be above my pay grade to solve it (I’m mystified)

I need a break from thinking about Threads and C and Windows and Ruby internals. So, I started working on the package Linux ‘download if needed’ code. Some of you might think that would be easy because that always worked. Not according to me. Remember the old days – a downloaded Shoes/Linux might work but it probably wouldn’t. I fixed that in Shoes 3.2 (I think). Installing Shoes if needed and then running the script or shy became a bit more tricky when I added three Linux architectures.

It’s almost working. Close enough to know that will work. The struggle continues.

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