Deep in the weeds

I’ve been working on the Shoes hanging bug on Windows. It hasn’t been easy and I’m way above my pay grade on Windows internals. So many rabbit holes to explore. Every time I think I know what’s happening, I’m proven wrong.

Today, once again. I think I know what’s going wrong. I’ve got clues and hypotheses. I’ve confirmed some “that’s not right” behavior deep down in Shoes and Gtk/win32. I’m also smart enough to know that I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. I’m getting a lot more Windows education than I ever wanted.

At the moment, I think gtk/win32 and Ruby have different ideas about what an ‘fd’ is and that I should ‘unify‘ them. [snort]. One fd table to rule them all. Or a hack so each (Gtk, Ruby) believes their is one unified fd table. I’m leaning towards the hack. And then I’ll fix the real problem.

Or Shoes 4 will be released.

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