Attention Windows Users

There are bugs in Shoes 3.2.16 with packaging from Windows for Windows. Two bugs and
maybe three. We’re working on it.

On the bright side (for me), I mentioned in the previous post about the wiki Packaging post. If you had read that post you might remember that mentioned there are simples ways to setup Shoes 3.2.16 to use a different website for packaging. When I wrote that code into Shoes 3.2 I was thinking about not getting locked into something like the mess should I vanish from the Shoes community. As it turns out, it’s also a good way to setup a separate site to test beta’s (3.2.17). Don’t ask to be part of the 3.2.17 beta test crew. We have a good idea what the bugs are. Fixing them is the hard part.

If you know something about Windows pe formats and which resources are UTF16LE then pipe up.

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